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What Is the Role of a Bonding Company?

You know someone who has gone to jail, and you don’t know much about how all that stuff works. How will they get out? They could get the money from a bonding company. When using a bail bonds company, or a bond agent, the accused party gets out of jail when the bonding company guarantees payment of the entire bail amount. What is the role of a bonding company? Here is more.

What Will the Bonding Company Need From Me?

Once the bail amount has been set by the judge, and before you call the bail agent, you will need to gather a few pieces of information and have them ready to present to the bail agent. Obviously, you will need to know their full name. Next, you will need to know the name of the jail where they are being held, and if at all possible, what their booking number is. Lastly, you must know the exact bail amount, so the bail agent can calculate the portion you will need to put up.

What is the Process of Using a Bonding Company?

During the initial call, the bond agent will give information about the pricing. Once an arrangement has been made, the bond agent issues a surety bond to the court, and the defendant is released. A surety bond, in this case, states that the defendant will appear in court on all his court dates. If the defendant skips bail (fails to appear on their court dates), a few things can happen.

What If My Loved One “Skips Bail”?

First, the co-signer not only has to pay the bond, but if they have put up collateral, like some land they own or their own home, they can lose it. Second, the bond agent, once a defendant fails to appear in court, has the authority to hire a bounty hunter to locate them, upon which time the accused will be surrendered to the court. Bounty hunters have greater powers than the police regarding the use of force and crossing jurisdictional lines.

How Do I Know If a Bonding Company is Reputable?

Bond agents must be licensed and bonded by the state. It is heavily regulated. One important guideline is that a bond agent cannot exceed government regulations concerning bonding rates. Bond agents usually charge 10 percent of the bail amount.

Your best bet is to find a bonding company that has been operating for a while because this means they stay within the guidelines. Another thing to consider: Word of mouth is important! If possible, choose a bonding company someone has recommended. Look at their BBB rating, and read their online reviews.

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