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Some of the Highest Bails Ever Set

Bail is set based on the crime committed, along with other factors, like whether the person has committed other crimes and if there are extenuating circumstances. However, in some of the most heinous or high-profile cases, bail may be set at a number that seems unaffordably high. The goal in those cases is to make sure the person can’t make bail so they don’t have much chance to be released. Here are some of the highest bail amounts ever set.

Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff’s ability to swindle people out of their money was legendary, and so was the bail amount required when he was finally arrested. His investment operation was actually a Ponzi scheme, and he had cheated people out of billions of dollars over the course of it. Many of them never recovered financially. Set at $10 million, the goal of the bail amount was to keep Madoff behind bars and reduce the chances that he would skip out if he was able to make bail.

Kim Freeman

While Kim Freeman was accused of running brothels, which isn’t a high-level crime, she had extensive connections throughout the United States and Asia. That made her a very high flight risk and meant that her bail needed to be high enough to keep her around. Bail was set at $1 billion, which she likely could have appealed as being excessive, but she chose to remain behind bars until her court date arrived.

Robert Durst

Robert Durst, who was the subject of the HBO documentary “The Jinx,” was suspected of numerous killings. Enough evidence couldn’t be found to charge him in most of the cases where he was the key suspect. He was charged in one case but was later acquitted. After Durst watched “All Good Things,” a film which was loosely based on his life, he approached a group of producers to tell his story. This resulted in his arrest for the death of a close friend. His bail was originally set at $3 billion in 2004. When arrested in 2015, he was denied bail entirely.

What To Do When Bail is Too High

When you’re going to help your loved one make bail, that bail needs to be affordable. If you feel it’s set too high, there are some options to consider. For example, the bail amount can be appealed. That may result in having it lowered to a more affordable level so your loved one can get out of jail until their court date and not have to remain behind bars. A more affordable bail makes things easier on you, so you can provide the help your loved one needs.

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