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5 of the Most Commonly Broken Laws

Following the law is very important, but there are times when someone breaks a law without even realizing it. Even you probably don’t have a perfect record! You just don’t know it.

Here are some commonly broken laws, some of which you may not have even realized were on the books.

Throwing Out Another Person’s Mail

You may be tired of the junk mail you keep getting for the previous tenant, but don’t just throw it away. It’s actually a federal crime to tamper with the U.S. mail, and if you’re caught you could face jail time and six-figure fines. That may seem silly for throwing out an old catalog for someone who hasn’t lived at your address for five years, but it’s still the law.

Having a Sharpie Marker in Public

It’s illegal to have a Sharpie marker in public, and to give one to a minor under the age of 13, because it’s considered a graffiti tool. Apparently, it’s assumed that you’re going to do something illegal with it so you just shouldn’t have it at all. To protect your good reputation and keep yourself out of trouble, leave your Sharpies at home when you head out the door.

Cheating on Your Taxes

If you pay your taxes but you claim expenses that aren’t really for your business, or you get paid a few dollars that you don’t report, you’ve technically cheated on your taxes. Most people don’t get caught, but those who do could find themselves facing a big penalty, even if it was an accident. If you did it deliberately and the IRS can make a case for that, you may find that you have to pay even larger penalties. You could also spend time in jail.

Drinking When You’re Underage

Almost everyone has had a drink before their 21st birthday. Whether they snuck a sip at a high school party or they were given alcohol by their parent or another adult in their family, it’s illegal. If you’re doing it out in public or at a party where the police show up, you could find yourself sitting behind bars, waiting for a loved one to come pay your bail so you can go home and sleep it off.

Home Poker Games, Fantasy Football Leagues and Office Pools

If you play card games at home for money, get involved in a fantasy football league for cash or put $20 on the Seahawks in the office pool, you’re breaking the law. Gambling is illegal in most places, and you could be fined or jailed for it. While the vast majority of people don’t get into trouble, you’re still technically breaking the law.

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