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When Can a Defendant Be Released From Jail?

If you or a loved one have been arrested, one of the topics you might have questions about is being released from jail. Many people wonder when someone is released from jail and why some people are released sooner than others. Here are the three main scenarios in which someone may be released from jail and a little information about each scenario.

On Their Own Recognizance

One of the scenarios in which a defendant can be released from jail is if the jail releases them on their own recognizance. This basically means that the individual gives their word that they will show up for their bail hearing and signs a form stating as such, and then the jail releases them. Those who are released on their own recognizance tend to be first-time offenders or offenders who are charged with minor infractions, such as first-time shoplifters. These people are not a danger to the community and often face minimal if any, jail time if they are convicted of the crime for which they have been charged.

Once They Post Bail

Another scenario in which a defendant can be released from jail is if bail is posted. This is the most common way that people are released from jail before their trial. If you are not deemed a threat to society and are not considered a flight risk, a judge will likely set bail for you. Bail helps to ensure that there is collateral so you will not skip out on your bail and fail to show in court. However, it allows you to be free so you can work, provide for your family and work on your defense until your trial date. Bail is most commonly posted with the help of a bail bonds company but can also be posted directly with the court.

After Their Trial Has Ended and Their Sentence Has Been Served

The final scenario in which a defendant can be released from jail is either after their trial and/or after their sentence has been served. If someone is found not guilty or the charges against them are dropped, they will be released from jail. A common misconception is that you will be released from the courtroom if you are found not guilty, but the jails must process you out of their system. If someone is sentenced, they will be released from jail once they serve out their sentence, less any time that they may have earned thanks to good behavior.

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