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What Should You Do if You Were Arrested While on Vacation?

When you’re planning a trip, the last thing that you think about is getting arrested. Unfortunately, people do wind up getting arrested while on vacation for a number of reasons. While an arrest may throw a wrench into your trip, not knowing what you should do in that situation can actually make it worse. Here are a few of the key things to do if you’re arrested while on vacation.

Be Respectful With the Arresting Officers

Getting arrested on vacation can come as a shock. You may also have more fear or anxiety due to not knowing the area well or worrying about missing a flight. If you find yourself interacting with the police on vacation, it’s important to remain calm and stay respectful. The police officers are only doing their job and following the law. They cannot make an exception for you because you’re on vacation or a tourist, nor can they make the final decision as to whether you’re innocent or guilty. Do not argue with the officers, try to plead your case or resist arrest.

Look for a Company Who Can Bail You Out of Jail

Once you’re arrested and booked, you will likely be given a bond amount. Look for a bail bonds company that works with tourists or those who may live out of state. Some bail bonds companies only work with locals, while others are more willing to work with people who live in other states. This is important to take into consideration, as not all bail companies are the same.

Pay Close Attention To the Bail Release Terms

Another important element to consider if you’re arrested while on vacation is the release terms for your bail. Both the courts in the county you were arrested in, and the bail bonds company can place provisions for your release. This may include checking in weekly, submitting to random drug-testing or not being able to leave the state or country. As a visitor, ensure you understand the bail release terms and can abide by them. Living out of state doesn’t excuse you from the terms of your release.

Carefully Consider Which Lawyer To Work With

Finally, if you are arrested while on vacation, consider working with a local lawyer who can represent out of state clients. A local lawyer may be able to fill out paperwork to attend court hearings without you present. They might also negotiate other elements of a case, like drug-testing, so you can do it in your local area, rather than the county where the alleged crime took place. This allows you to go home while your case reaches a resolution.

Have you been arrested while on vacation in the greater Atlanta, GA, area? At Free at Last Bail Bonds, we understand the importance and urgency of reuniting families. If you or a loved one needs our services, we’re here for you 24 hours a day at 470-410-3409.

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