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What Happens After You Cosign a Bail Bond?

If you have a friend or family member that gets arrested, they may call on you to bail them out. A bail bond is used to get someone released from jail until their scheduled court date. The bond is like insurance; it is a promise that your loved one is released from jail, they will appear for all of their scheduled court dates, and if not, the bail is forfeited. If you have posted bail or are considering posting bail for someone, it’s essential to understand your obligations. So, what exactly does happen after you cosign a bail bond, and what are your obligations?

Take Responsibility for the Defendant

When you cosign a bail bond, it is to be expected that you will do everything in your power to ensure the defendant abides by their responsibilities. Once you cosign for the money, you are basically agreeing to taking full responsibility for the defendant by making sure they show up for their court date. If they skip bail, you are at risk of losing your money or your property.

Pay Additional Fees

If you cosign for the defendant, and they do not appear in court, as the cosigner, you are responsible for the payment of any additional fees, such as the payment necessary for a recovery agent hired by the bail bond agent to bring the defendant back to court.

Pay the Full Amount of Bail

If you have cosigned a bail bond for a defendant that does not appear in court, and they cannot be located, as the cosigner, you are responsible for paying the full amount of bail, which is the amount, originally set by the court. If you used collateral to secure the bond, such as property or a vehicle, the deed or vehicle title will not be returned to you: if you put your home up as collateral and the defendant skips bail, you may lose your home.

If you have cosigned for a bond and you don’t think the defendant will appear in court, you are fully responsible for the original amount of the bail as long as the bond remains active. The bail bond agent has trusted you, the cosigner, to take responsibility for your friend or family member. It is essential that you are confident in the fact that you can ensure the defendant will appear for all scheduled court appearances. Once the defendant has fulfilled all requirements of the court, the cosigner will no longer be responsible.

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