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Staying Safe (and Out of Jail) on New Year’s Eve

Do you know which holiday is associated with the highest rates of DUI arrests? It’s New Year’s Eve in most parts of the country, and if you’re planning to party, you’ll need to be smart about it to avoid spending time in jail or causing a fatal crash. There’s no need to give up on the festivities when you can simply plan your evening with safety and freedom in mind.

Plan for Transportation

Whether you’re going to a friend’s house for a party or out to a nightclub to celebrate with thousands, you’ll need a way to get home or back to your hotel room. Go ahead and collect the numbers of all the taxi services and similar ride-sharing companies in the area. Even if you’re planning to rely on a designated driver, that driver could always end up deciding to drink at the last minute. It’s better to be able to get a safe ride with one phone call than to try to go it alone and face the consequences.

Remember Checkpoints

If you’re tempted to drive or ride with a driver who was drinking, remember that NYE is the prime time for police to set up roadblocks. They know you’ve likely been drinking, so they’re out there looking for signs of intoxication. Also, you could get in an accident with another driver who is sober or intoxicated, thereby revealing your own intoxication when the cops arrive on the scene.

Drink and Eat

By staying hydrated and eating well both before and during your night out, you’ll be able to better manage your intoxication level. This is important because getting too drunk leads to other risky behavior like fighting, stealing and damaging property. Avoid carbonated and diet mixers because these liquids speed up the absorption of alcohol. Eating or drinking coffee won’t sober you up enough to drive, but it can help reduce your chances of making a bad decision.

Notify Friends and Family

Since you can always become the victim of a crime or end up lost when you’re out in public while drinking, it’s essential to share your celebration plans with a few different close friends or family members. Let them know you’ll check in the next morning and what to do if you haven’t contacted them by a specific time. Fast action saves lives in case you are the victim of a crime, and it’ll keep you from sitting in jail for longer than necessary if you do end up arrested.

Of course, even the best plans for NYE can go awry once you’ve had a few drinks. If you do end up behind bars after a rowdy night, let Free At Last Bail Bond post your bond and get you back on track again. We’re available 24 hours a day to work with you to achieve freedom at a reasonable rate.

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