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How Can Bail Bond Agents Ensure Court Appearances?

condition of bail is that an individual must show up to their scheduled court dates. If they fail to do so, the bail bonds company must either surrender the defendant or may have to pay the entire amount of bail to the court. As such, it is imperative that a bail bonds agent ensures the court appearances of the individuals they bail out. If you are looking to bail out of jail, you may wonder how a bail bond agent can help to ensure court appearances. Here are a few of the different ways that they can do this.

Reminding the Defendant

One of the simplest and most common ways that a bail bond agent will work to ensure defendants show up for their court appearances is simply by reminding them about their upcoming appearances. Defendants often miss court, and the top reason given is that they simply forgot the date or time that they needed to show up. A bail bond company is able to see a docket to see when a defendant is scheduled to show up to court. They may mail a reminder, text a reminder or call the defendant to remind them about their upcoming court date.

Monitoring the Defendant

Another way that a bail bond agent will work to ensure court appearances is by monitoring the defendant. They may ask the defendant to check in with them weekly or bi-weekly for scheduled meetings, they may ask the defendant to submit to drug tests, or they may ask the defendant to simply give them a call on a routine basis. A defendant that checks in routinely with their bail bond agent is less likely to run and skip court dates than one that does not.

Remanding the Defendant Into Custody

The last way that a bail bond agent can ensure court appearances is by having the power to remand a defendant into custody. If a defendant does not show up to court, a bail bonds company has the ability to revoke their bond and send them back to jail. Having the ability to do this is often enough incentive for most defendants to take showing up to court seriously and actually show up.

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