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Can You Travel While Out on a Bail Bond?

The majority of people who are arrested and charged with a crime are given a bail amount. A bail bond is a collateral that the courts hold on to to help ensure you show up for your court dates and do not flee from the charges you are facing. If you are out of jail on bond, one of the questions you may have is whether you can travel for work or pleasure. Here is the information you need to know.

Can You Travel While Out On a Bail Bond?

Unfortunately, this is not a question that has a simple yes or no answer to it. Ultimately, it is up to the courts, which allowed you out on bail and the bail bond company whether you can travel while out on a bail bond. You may need to get permission from either the courts, the bail bond company, or both, depending on the situation. Both the courts and the bail bond company will tell you in writing whether it against the terms of your bond to leave the county, state or country while you are out on bail.

How Do You Address Travel With the Courts?

If the courts state that you are not allowed to leave the county, state or country while you are out on bail, and you are looking to travel for work, for a vacation or due to a family emergency, you will need to obtain permission from the courts to leave. Either your court-appointed lawyer or your criminal defense lawyer will submit a document to the judge asking for permission for you to travel. In many cases, you will have to provide the court with your travel itinerary, including where you plan on going, your flight or travel information, and the name of the hotels you plan on staying at. The courts may calendar you for a hearing to discuss the matter, or they may approve it after reviewing the documents your lawyer submits.

When Should You Bring Up Travel With Your Bail Bond Company?

Most bail bond companies require you to notify your bail bond company if you plan on traveling out of the state or the country. Some may also require you to get permission from them before leaving. Just like with the courts, you will likely need to provide them with a reason why you are leaving and provide them with your travel itinerary. If you fail to get permission from the bail bond company before traveling, and your bail bond restricts your travel, the bond company can revoke your bond and have you placed back in jail.

If you find yourself behind bars and bail has been set, you will want to work with a bail bond company that can get you out quickly. At Free at Last Bail Bonds, we understand the importance and urgency of reuniting families. If you or a loved one needs our services, we are here for you 24 hours a day at 470-410-3409.

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