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What to Do If You Get Pepper Sprayed

Pepper spray is commonly used by police in their efforts to control crowds, such as when there is a riot going on. In addition, ordinary citizens can purchase pepper spray to use for their own protection, so this is a common occurrence that you need to know about. The primary target of pepper spray is your eyes. If you get sprayed, it results in an intense, debilitating burning sensation that you will undoubtedly want to treat right away. Here’s what to do if you get sprayed:

Don’t Touch the Affected Area – If you touch it, it will only spread the solution around and make the burning worse. Furthermore, it will be all over your hands, meaning that you can recontaminate your eyes after you have cleaned them out.

Remove Your Contact Lenses – If you wear contacts, you’ll need to get them out right away. The pepper spray can get trapped underneath them, making it even harder to get it out of your eyes.

Apply Milk to the Affected Area – Milk has a soothing effect against pepper. Apply it heavily using a spray bottle, soaked towel or by splashing it directly on your face.

Blink Fast to Tear Up Your Eyes – Your eyes will naturally produce tears to help flush out the spray. Blinking quickly can help to speed up the production of tears in your eyes.

Rinse with Soap and Water – To ensure that you have gotten rid of as much of the spray as possible, it is best to wash your face and hands thoroughly. This will ensure that any remaining residue is removed.

Scrub Your Eyelashes – Leftover pepper spray can get trapped in between your lashes, so make sure that you clean them thoroughly to ensure that you don’t recontaminate your eyes later on if you rub them or blink heavily.

Avoid Using Any Lotions or Creams – Your skin will likely feel very raw, but do your best to resist the urge to apply any topical treatments. The chemicals and fragrances in the products can aggravate your already-irritated skin, so it is best just to let it heal on its own.

Keep the Area Exposed – Don’t cover your eyes with a bandage or cloth. As soothing as it may feel, your eyes need to breathe in order to heal fully, so make sure that they get plenty of fresh air.

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