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What Happens After Prison Sentencing?

If you have been found guilty of a crime, as the final step in the prosecution process you will be given a sentence from the court, which may include prison. The process is stressful and scary, but understanding what happens after your sentencing may help you to feel better prepared. Depending on the sentencing level, as well as the type of crime you were found guilty of, there are a few different outcomes for you to consider. First, it’s important to understand that once you have appeared in all of your scheduled court dates, including the sentencing hearing, your bail bond will typically be released. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the day of your sentencing and the days following the sentencing.

Sentencing Day

The day of your sentencing is similar to the previous days during your trial. The state will address the court and the DA will speak to the judge, during which time they will bring attention to the evidence that was presented during the trial and a sentencing report. The DA will present their argument as what sentence is deemed fitting by the state. The defense will then address the court and present their own evidence that supports the proposed sentence. After the state and the defense have addressed the court, any victims in the case will have an opportunity to speak to the court. Following this, you will be given a chance to speak to the court. Once you have finished speaking, the judge will pronounce your sentence.

After the Sentence Hearing

If you are sentenced to serve time in prison, you will typically be immediately taken into custody in order to await transportation to prison. In some situations, depending on the crime in which you were sentenced, you may be permitted to turn yourself in to the assigned prison on a specified date in the near future; however, this is generally a rare occurrence. You will then serve the amount of time in prison that has been ordered by the court. The length of time will vary depending on a variety of things, such as the crime you were found guilty of or the opportunity for early release, such as release for parole.

At some time, a sentence review hearing will be set by the court to determine if the conditions of your sentencing have been met. Your attorney will notify you of the sentence review hearing and be present with you during the hearing. If you have been compliant and successfully completed all requirements of your sentencing, including paying all fines and serving the amount of time in prison that was ordered by the court, you will typically be released at or given a date for release at the hearing.

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