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What Do You Really Know About Bail Bond Companies?

Having a loved one go to jail can be a paralyzing experience that leaves you frightened about the future. Possibly one of the things that immediately comes to mind in this situation is “how am I going to pay bail?” For some crimes, bail can be pricey, and not everyone has that kind of money. That’s why bail bond companies exist. These companies allow you to pay a small fraction of the actual sum and have your loved one freed from their cell. However, the media has spent years tearing down the credibility of these companies. By knowing some basic information about the bail system, you can learn how bail bond companies are an asset and how the media has misrepresented the industry as a whole.

What is Bail? How Does it Work?

To understand how these companies work, you first have to understand what bail is. Bail is a sum of money that is paid to the jail that is supposed to be given as a guarantee that the incarcerated individual will appear for their court date. Bail is set by a judge after an arrest, and the amount will depend on the crime committed. For instance, a judge will set higher bail for a felony than a misdemeanor and may not even set bail at all for violent crimes such as murder. By paying the bail, you are essentially saying that you have the authority to guarantee they will appear in court on their date to either plead guilty or innocent.

Are Bail Bond Companies Trustworthy?

While the media portrays bondsmen and bail agents as the big bad wolf out to make money off of those is a rough spot, this isn’t true. Even though you may not have the money to post bail in its entirety, if you have ten percent, that’s where a bondsman can help. Instead of having your loved one remain in jail, the bondsman will take a ten percent nonrefundable cash payment and some other form of collateral. This can be things like credit cards, real estate, cars, etc. Through the bail bond company, the bondsman will then post bail for your loved one, and they can walk free after promising to appear in court.

I Heard a Bounty Hunter Might Come After My Loved One?

What is shown on TV is often misleading and is meant to scare people from accessing helpful resources. While the media claims bounty hunters work closely with bail bond companies to take down innocent individuals, these claims are untrue. The only time a bondsman may use a bounty hunter is when someone they’ve posted bail for does not appear in court. The bounty hunter is only used to locate the individual and help recoup the money paid by the bondsman for their release.

Isn’t it Shady? The Modern Day Wild West?

Absolutely not! In today’s modern society the bail bond industry is heavily regulated, and legally all bondsman, as well as their companies, must be licensed. They are overseen by a board that ensures the companies are carrying out their business legally and ethically. Also, there’s nothing shady about the system. In fact, being able to bail out in this way is amazing! For many jailed individuals, getting the cash on hand for their bail would be nearly impossible, and without an agency, it would mean they’d be forced to sit in a jail cell until their court date. As long as the incarcerated individual shows up to their court date, the system works well and ensures their release.

Posting bail for a loved can be scary. Having help can mean the difference between them being held in jail and getting out promptly. We at Free At Last Bail Bonds are an honorable company seeking to help you quickly bail out your loved one. Have questions about the bail bond process? Contact us today!

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