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These Obscure State Laws Are Technically Still on the Books

Most laws have an underlying goal of making sure people are treated fairly and kept safe. Our Constitution is established to allow for laws to change and grow along with how the country changes over time.

But if you look at laws from 100 years ago, you may be left scratching your head about some of the rules in place. There are some wacky laws on the books, and some of them might technically still be enforceable today.

Here’s a look at some of these obscure laws that you’ve probably never heard of.

No Swear Words

In the state of Mississippi, if you swear in front of two or more people, you could find yourself with a nice, big fine and up to 30 days in jail. The fine is up to $100.

Cannibalism Sometimes OK

While most people believe that it is illegal to be a cannibal, it’s technically not a law in most places. In fact, it wasn’t until 1990 that the state of Idaho made it official. The law, however, did make it OK to willfully ingest human blood and flesh if it is necessary to do so for survival. It’s the only state with any law on cannibalism.

Bingo Anyone?

In the state of North Carolina, bingo is apparently a big problem. The state’s laws say that bingo games can be no longer than five hours. And, in some cases, you can only host one every 48 hours. The prize is also restricted. It can be no more than $500.

Ban on Pre-Marital Sex

Yep, there is an actual law on the books in Virginia that bans sex for anyone who is not married. If you are caught and you and your partner are not married, you could face fines related to a Class 4 misdemeanor.

“Highly Pleasing” Cheeses

The State of Wisconsin is very serious about its cheese. While you may joke about Wisconsin, there are actually very high standards in place for cheese here, and by standards we mean laws. The cheeses produced here, such as Colby, cheddar and Muenster, all must be “highly pleasing” to meet state standards.

Leave Your Camel at Home

Nevada has an expansive desert, so there’s a chance you might see a camel or two. Just make sure you don’t take yours on the highway. It is a law in the state that you may not ride a camel on the highway or you could face a significant fine for doing so.

Reading through these, it makes you wonder what happened to require these types of laws to be passed in the first place. Others, such as laws in Illinois that require you to carry at least one dollar to avoid charges of vagrancy or a law in California that restricts women from driving a car in a housecoat, are even more interesting.

Understanding your rights is always important. If you find yourself in jail for any reason, whether it’s a silly crime or a serious offense, Free At Last Bail Bonds is here to help. Call us today for more information on the bail bonds process.

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