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Misconceptions About Jail? Here’s What It’s Really Like

The idea of going to jail can be extremely upsetting, but part of the reason for that is all the misconceptions associated with jail. The more you put those misconceptions to rest, the more you can understand what jail is really like. That understanding will take a lot of the worry away, so if you have to spend some time in jail before you get bonded out, you’ll know what to expect.

You Can Have One Phone Call

That’s not true. You can have numerous phone calls when you’re trying to find someone to pay your bail. There may even be a phone in the cell where you’re spending your time. The downside is that you can only call collect, but don’t panic if someone doesn’t answer your first try or can’t help you. You can call someone else.

Bail and Bond Are the Same Things

No, they aren’t. Your bail is what you pay to a bail bond company to get released from jail. It’s a percentage of the actual bond. Your bond is what you would pay, without using a company to help you get out of jail. If you post bond and don’t come back, the court assumes you’re guilty and keeps your money. If you post bail and don’t come back, the bail bond company will be looking for you.

You’ll Be Just One Person in a Small Cell

Probably not, unless you’re in a very tiny jail in a very small town. Instead, you’re likely to be in a holding cell with a number of other people. Think of it as more of a barracks in the way it looks and feels. Sometimes there can be 100 people or more in a big room with bunk-style beds in rows. That’s where you’ll sleep and spend most of your time.

You Can Watch Cable TV and Work Out All Day

Jails do have cable TV and you can do some basic exercises if you’re bored, but there aren’t any workout rooms or weight equipment. It’s also hard to get 75 or 100 people to agree on what to watch on TV, so it’s not like you’ll have access to the remote. There will usually be a general consensus, and that’s what channel the TV stays on, whether you personally want to watch that show or not.

Jails Are Just Full of Criminals

Jails really aren’t filled with many dangerous criminals. Instead, they’re mostly filled with people getting caught doing dumb things or with people who are there because of substance abuse. Sometimes, people even purposefully get thrown into jail. These can be people with mental health issues or people who are homeless and want a place to sleep and something to eat. They commit a minor crime and spend some time in jail to receive food and shelter.

If you find yourself in jail and you need out, you can get someone to pay your bail so that you can be released. By contacting Free At Last Bail Bonds, you can get started on your journey back to freedom, so you don’t have to stay in jail too long.

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