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Everything You Need to Know About Transacting Bail

Should a loved one call you to tell you that they have been arrested, you may be looking into posting bail for them. However, if you have never posted bail on behalf of anyone before, you may not understand how it works. Additionally, many people are surprised to realize that there are different types of bail bonds that can be posted. The most common type of bond is a transacting bail. This type of bail bond is posted by a bail bonds company. Here is everything you need to know about transacting bail.

What is Transacting Bail?

Following your loved one’s arrest, they will likely be given a bail amount. If you decide to post bail on behalf of your loved one, you may go to a bail bonding company for assistance. A bonding company often charges you ten percent of the bail amount in exchange for posting the bond. For example, if your loved one’s bond amount is $10,000, you would pay the bond company $1,000. They would then post a bond on behalf of your loved one. This action is a transacting bail.

What are the Alternatives to Transacting Bail?

The alternative to transacting bail is a cash bond. If your loved one is granted a bail amount, you or your loved one have the option of posting the full bail amount with the courts or the jail. So in the above scenario where bail is set at $10,000, you or your loved one would bring $10,000 in cash or a certified check to the courthouse or jail. They would then certify the money and free your loved one. At the end of the trial, the money is returned, as long as your loved one does not skip out on their court date.

What are the Benefits of Transacting Bail?

The primary reason why transacting bail is the popular form of bonding out a loved one is because it does not require someone to have their full bail amount to get bailed out of jail. If bail is set at $10,000, you would only pay a bail company $1,000 to bail your loved one out compared to the full $10,000 you would have to place with the courts for a cash bond. Most people are not expecting their loved one to be arrested and may not have a lot of money sitting around when it happens. Transacting bail allows someone to get out on bail without having their full bail amount.

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