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What Happens If You Miss Court While You Are out on Bail?

One of the conditions of being bailed out of jail is that you must show up to all of your court dates. Unfortunately, life happens, and you may find yourself unable to attend a court date or you may have forgotten about it. This may leave you wondering what is going to happen. Here is what you need to know about missing court while you are out on bail.

A Bench Warrant Can Be Issued

If you miss court while you are out on bail, it is likely that the judge in the case will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. A bench warrant is basically a warrant that is not resolved until you appear before the judge.

You Can Be Arrested

If a bench warrant is issued for your arrest, you can be arrested. If you are pulled over while driving, the arresting officer will see that you have a bench warrant out and can take you to jail, where you will be held without bond until you appear before the judge. If the county is doing warrant sweeps, they can knock on your door and arrest you at home for the outstanding warrant. Additionally, if you are out on bail, a bail bondsman can arrest you for failing to show up for court. As such, it is always to your advantage to attend your court hearings or take the right steps before or after missing court.

Steps to Take Before Missing Court

If you know that you will be unable to attend court before court occurs, you should contact your public defender or criminal defense attorney. In some cases, they may be able to move your court date to a date you can make. In other cases, they may be able to tell the judge why you cannot attend, for example, being sick, and the judge may waive the absence and reschedule the court date without issuing a bench warrant for your arrest. It is important to attend all of your court dates, and you should only attempt to have court rescheduled for extenuating circumstances.

Steps to Take After Missing Court

If you have missed your court date, it is important to contact your attorney or public defender. They can work to get your case put back on the calendar, allowing you to clear up the warrant before you’re arrested. In some cases, they may even be able to ask the judge to place a hold on the warrant until the next court date, ensuring you won’t get arrested as long as you show for your next court date. It is also important to contact your bail bonds company and let them know what is going on, so they are kept in the loop.

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