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Tips to Help You Select the Right Defense Attorney

The process of bonding someone out of jail and getting him a fair defense can really be affected by the defense attorney you choose. Getting the right one matters, but how do you go about doing that? It’s important that you understand the differences in the types of defense attorneys you can choose from and that you know what to ask and expect. The more you know, the easier the process can be and the more you can help your loved one.

Federal and State Attorneys

In addition to getting help from a trusted bail bond company, you want to select an attorney and get him or her started on the case right away. If your friend or relative has been charged with breaking a state law, hiring a state attorney is what you want to do. Federal law requires a federal attorney in order for you to get the best defense possible. Breaking a federal law means prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s office, and that office has the time and resources to make a strong case. It should go without saying, then, that you’ll need a strong attorney.

Public Defenders

If you don’t have the means to afford a private attorney, you can use a public defender. The time and resources the public defender has to help you with your case may be more limited than those of a private attorney, but for charges that are not that serious, using a public defender can work well. Even for serious charges, you may need to use this option if you have limited resources to hire an attorney.

What Questions Should You Ask?

Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions of your attorney. Generally, ask about payment and fees, similar cases he or she has been involved in, the trial strategy, options and why that attorney is the right one to choose. Also be sure to ask what information is needed to get started and how quickly the attorney will begin working on your case. You want someone who is truly dedicated to helping you.

What to Expect From a Good Lawyer

A good lawyer will be available to you when you have questions or will get back to you quickly with the answers. That lawyer will also be focused on getting you the best possible resolution, but won’t make promises he can’t keep. He will be honest with you about your defense, the chances of a conviction, your potential sentencing and how much everything may cost. The more open and honest your attorney is with communication, the better you will likely feel about the attorney you have chosen to represent you.

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