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The Reality of Bail: TV vs. Real Life

When you see people on TV who need to be bailed out of jail, it looks like they call someone and they’re released just a few minutes later. That would be nice, but it’s not necessarily the reality. Most people don’t have rich relatives that can come down and pay their bail, so they need a bail bondsman to help them out.

An actual bail bond can take time, too, and it’s important to understand how the process works in order to be sure what to really expect. That way, when you or a loved one needs the services of a bail agent, you will have a good idea of what will happen during the process and how long it may take from the time you get in touch until the time of release.

Why Use a Bail Agent?

The majority of people who find themselves in need of bail either won’t have a person to help them get out of jail, or won’t have a friend or relative who has the level of money needed to pay the bail. With the right bail agent, you can put down a set amount that is less than the actual bail amount and use collateral for the rest.

The money will need to be repaid, of course, but you will have the opportunity to get your loved one out of jail more quickly than you would otherwise be able to do. Most people can’t really afford to sit in jail until the time of their trial, and bail helps them get on with their life in the meantime.

What About the Bounty Hunters?

The one thing that TV did get right is the bounty hunters. If you don’t make payments on the bail amount, you will have bounty hunters tracking you down to discover why you’re not making those payments. That isn’t any fun, although the way these people are portrayed on TV isn’t always completely accurate.

How a bounty hunter operates can vary from state to state, and some are more aggressive in their efforts than others. The best way to avoid bounty hunters is to make payments on time so you don’t have people looking for you from the bail bond company.

So, Where Do You Start?

The best place to start is with a company you trust and feel comfortable with so you know that your loved one is in good hands and you can work on finding a way to get their bail paid. If you have questions about the bail process, they can be answered by Free At Last Bail Bonds. We know you and your loved ones can be very stressed out by the bail process, and we want to make it easier for you. Get in touch today! We’re here and ready to help!

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