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The Most Famous Fugitives of All Time

Throughout history, the world has seen many notorious criminals, but a select few have created a class for themselves. These six fugitives really made names for themselves while on the run from the law. Here’s how it all played out for these famous outlaws:

Whitey Bulger

James “Whitey” Bulger was a notorious mobster in Boston in the 1970s and was the mastermind behind a massive protection racket in the area. Throughout this time, he protected himself from arrest by turning informant for the FBI. However, his corrupt dealings with local businessmen and politicians began to be revealed, so the FBI could no longer protect him. He went on the run for 16 years, ultimately being captured on the other side of the country in Santa Monica at the age of 81.

D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper was the mastermind of an unsolved plane hijacking in Portland in 1971. After receiving a ransom of $200,000, Cooper redirected the flight over Southwestern Washington, where he parachuted to safety. Although some of the money was recovered on the banks of the Columbia River years later, Cooper was never captured. He is either still on the run or dead.

Colton Harris-Moore

Also known as the “Barefoot Bandit,” Colton Harris-Moore committed over 100 burglaries, all before reaching the tender age of 19. In addition, he hot-wired and stole five planes, all of which he crash landed. After spending two years on the run, during which time he developed quite a following on the internet, Harris-Moore was ultimately captured on a stolen boat in the Bahamas.

George Wright

George Wright was originally arrested for the simple robbery of a gas station back in 1962. However, he and several other inmates escaped from prison in 1970, after which they hijacked a plane to fly to Algeria to join the Black Panthers. Wright’s associates were all arrested in France in 1976, but Wright managed to stay under the radar until his eventual capture in Portugal in 2011. However, Portugal refused to extradite him to the United States for trial, so he will live out the rest of his days in the European country, unable to travel anywhere else.

Robert Durst

Robert Durst is the subject of an HBO documentary series called “The Jinx.” It chronicles his involvement in several murders over the course of his life and his efforts to elude the authorities in between them. Thanks to his wealthy family, he was able to avoid jail many times. As his case is currently under reinvestigation, it waits to be seen how it will turn out this time.

Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez was a leader of a Los Angeles-area gang in the early 2000s when police connected him with several area murders. It was believed that he had fled to Mexico when he found out that the LAPD was looking for him. However, in 2015, a photo of Rodriguez appeared on an associate’s Facebook page. He had been living comfortably in Riverside for all that time and is currently awaiting trial.

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