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How Long Does it Take to Have a Defendant Released from Jail?

Getting arrested can be incredibly scary, especially if it is your first brush with the law. Naturally, one of your first questions is likely to be, “When can I be released from jail?” The answer to this question can vary, depending on the particulars of your case, but here is a look at how the process usually works for minor offenses.

Getting Arrested

When you are first arrested, you’ll be taken to the nearest jail to be booked. This means entering all of your personal information into the police system, along with the details of your arrest. In some cases, like for DUI, public intoxication, and drug offenses, you’ll have to stay in jail until you have sobered up. In other cases, you can be released on a promise to appear at your assigned court date. This is known as release on your own recognizance, or OR. However, most cases will require you to post a bail amount to guarantee that you will not flee.

Posting Bail

After you have been arrested, a judge will need to set your bail amount. If you are arrested on a weekday, this can usually happen relatively quickly during normal business hours. However, if you are arrested on a Friday night or on the weekend, you’ll have to stay in jail until Monday when a judge can review your case. Once your bail amount is set, you have the option of paying the amount in full (it will be returned to you once your case has been resolved) or signing with a bail bonds provider to pay it for you. You’ll typically pay the bail bonds company ten percent of the bond value for this service. This amount is non-refundable.

Getting Released

After the bail bond agent posts your bond, you will be eligible for release from jail. However, the amount of time it will take for you to be released will vary. In some cases, it could be as short as half an hour, but in others, it could take as long as eight hours. It all depends on the specific procedures at the jail you are in, as well as how busy they are on that particular day. Once your bail has been posted, the only thing you can do is wait to be released; there is nothing that can be done to speed up the process.

Free at Last Bail Bonds Will Go to Work for You

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